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Supplementary Reports

Ordinary Te Koukou - Transport Committee  Meeting


Monday, 30 October 2023


10:00 am


Council Chamber





Kahika - Mayor Moko Tepania

Kōwhai - Deputy Mayor Kelly Stratford

Cr Steve McNally

Cr Felicity Foy

Cr Ann Court

Cr Hilda Halkyard-Harawira

Cr Babe Kapa

Cr Penetaui Kleskovic

Cr Tāmati Rākena

Cr Mate Radich

Cr John Vujcich


Ordinary Te Koukou - Transport Committee  Meeting Agenda

30 October 2023


Te Paeroa Mahi / Order of Business

1         Ngā Pūrongo Taipitopito / Information Reports. 6

S.1           2024-27 National Land Transport Plan (NLTP) Timings. 6

Ordinary Te Koukou - Transport Committee  Meeting Agenda

30 October 2023


1          Ngā Pūrongo Taipitopito / Information Reports

S.1         2024-27 National Land Transport Plan (NLTP) Timings

File Number:           A4446537

Author:                    Calvin Thomas, General Manager - Northland Transportation Alliance

Authoriser:              Guy Holroyd, Chief Executive Officer


TAKE PŪRONGO / Purpose of the Report

The purpose of this report is to provide the Committee with updated detail on the 2024-27 National Land Transport Plan (NLTP) amended timeframes recently announced by Waka Kotahi, to inform Committee discussion and questions on the associated potential implications and future (2024/27) transport programme delivery risks.


On Friday 20th October Waka Kotahi provided notification that their Board recently agreed to delay the adoption of the 2024-27 NLTP from 30 June 2024 to 31 August 2024, with the NLTP now expected to be published in September 2024. Full timelines are included as Attachment 1 to this report with resulting implications and proposed mitigations provided for Elected Member discussion.

 TŪTOHUNGA / Recommendation

That Te Koukou - Transport Committee receive the report 2024-27 National Land Transport Plan (NLTP) Timings.



tĀHUHU KŌRERO / Background

The finalisation and publishing of the NLTP is the final step in confirming the approved 3-year Council subsidised (71%) budgets and programmes that are funded through the associated National Land Transport Fund (NLTF).

Under the revised timelines Waka Kotahi will release indicative allocations for continuous programmes (maintenance, operations, and renewals) and road safety promotion activities on 27th May 2024 to allow these core activities to continue from 1st July 2024.

Confirmation of the final funding for both the continuous and improvement programmes will then be provided through the release of the National Land Transport Plan, current expected in early September.

MATAPAKI ME NGĀ KŌWHIRINGA / Discussion and Next Steps

As a result of this announcement of delayed NLTP confirmation and announcement timeframes there will be a subsequent delay in confirming the actual funded transport programmes and budgets for the 2024/27 Long Term Plan period.

Similarly to the funding confirmation delays in 2021, following the confirmation of the NLTP outcomes staff will then need to reconcile the approved NLTF budgets with the approved local share component from the FNDC Long Term Plan to develop a final programme recommendations paper to be presented to Council for approval. (expected to be in early November 2024 – example 2021 decision paper – item 6.3).

While final budgets require a Council decision to be confirmed, to partially mitigate the impacts of delays on the 2024/25 construction season staff are planning to undertake the following actions to progress works:

·    Continuation of 2023/24 carry forward works anticipated to include:

Remaining 2022/23 Phase 3 Emergency Works slip repair programme

Transport Choices funded works

Completion of remaining “in progress works” from 2023/24 year

·    Based on the indicative Continuous budget values provided in May 2024:

Spring 2024 Unsealed network rehabilitation programme

2024/25 Sealed Rehabilitation and Resurfacing programme

2024/25 Bridge renewals and structure component replacement programme

·    Commencement of any approved Unsubsidised works programmes


Following confirmation of final budgets (expected November 2024) staff will then undertake a programme assessment to identify the low complexity works that can be progressed through procurement for construction in the 2024/25 construction season.

Design works will also be progressed for the more complex tasks to allow the balance of works completion to be phased across the remaining two LTP years (2025/26 and 2026/27), noting that due to the Year 1 work mix and delayed budget confirmation there will again be a higher than normal level of carry forwards from Year 1 (2024/25) to be caught up in the following two years.

PĀNGA PŪTEA ME NGĀ WĀHANGA TAHUA / Financial Implications and Budgetary Provision

Nil – While there is not anticipated to be a direct impact on Council budgets as a result of the information reported phasing of work completion of the 2024/27 Long Term Plan programme will be affected.

Āpitihanga / Attachments

1.      Indicative dates for the 2024-27 NLTP development - A4447340

2.      FAQ Sheet - Indicative timeline development of NLTP 2024_27 - A4447396  


Ordinary Te Koukou - Transport Committee  Meeting Agenda

30 October 2023


Ordinary Te Koukou - Transport Committee  Meeting Agenda

30 October 2023