Te Kaunihera o Tai Tokerau ki te Raki





Extraordinary Council Meeting


Monday, 3 October 2022




Virtually via Microsoft Teams



Mayor John Carter - Chairperson

Deputy Mayor Ann Court

Cr David Clendon

Cr Dave Collard

Cr Felicity Foy

Cr Mate Radich

Cr Rachel Smith

Cr Kelly Stratford

Cr Moko Tepania

Cr John Vujcich


Extraordinary Council Meeting Agenda

3 October 2022





Extraordinary Council Meeting Agenda

3 October 2022


Far North District Council

Extraordinary Council Meeting

will be held in the Virtually via Microsoft Teams on:

Monday 3 October 2022 at 2:30pm

Te Paeroa Mahi / Order of Business

1          Karakia Timatanga / Opening Prayer. 5

2          Ngā Whakapāha Me Ngā Pānga Mema / Apologies and Declarations of Interest 5

3          Ngā tono kōrero / Deputations. 5

4          Ngā Kōrero A Te Koromatua / Mayoral Announcements. 5

5          Reports. 6

5.1            Temporary Road Closure – Kerikeri Half Marathon. 6

6          Karakia Whakamutunga / Closing Prayer. 10

7          Te Kapinga Hui / Meeting Close. 10



1            Karakia Timatanga / Opening Prayer


2            Ngā Whakapāha Me Ngā Pānga Mema / Apologies and Declarations of Interest

Members need to stand aside from decision-making when a conflict arises between their role as a Member of the Council and any private or other external interest they might have. This note is provided as a reminder to Members to review the matters on the agenda and assess and identify where they may have a pecuniary or other conflict of interest, or where there may be a perception of a conflict of interest.

If a Member feels they do have a conflict of interest, they should publicly declare that at the start of the meeting or of the relevant item of business and refrain from participating in the discussion or voting on that item. If a Member thinks they may have a conflict of interest, they can seek advice from the Chief Executive Officer or the Team Leader Democracy Support (preferably before the meeting).

It is noted that while members can seek advice the final decision as to whether a conflict exists rests with the member.

3            Ngā tono kōrero / Deputations

No requests for deputations were received at the time of the Agenda going to print.

4            Ngā Kōrero A Te Koromatua / Mayoral Announcements    

Extraordinary Council Meeting Agenda

3 October 2022


5            Reports

5.1         Temporary Road Closure – Kerikeri Half Marathon

File Number:           A3912001

Author:                    Calvin Thomas, General Manager - Northland Transportation Alliance

Authoriser:             Andy Finch, General Manager - Infrastructure and Asset Management


Take Pūrongo / Purpose of the Report

To obtain approval for temporary road closures for the Kerikeri Half Marathon to be held on Saturday, 19th November 2022.

WhakarĀpopoto matua / Executive Summary

·      The Kerikeri Half Marathon is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 19 November 2022.

·      Road closures are required for the event to be held.

tŪtohunga / Recommendation

That Council approve the proposed temporary road closures for safe event operation during the Kerikeri Half Marathon on Saturday, 19th November 2022.


1) TĀhuhu kŌrero / Background

As detailed in the attached report prepared by the Northland Transportation Alliance.

2) matapaki me NgĀ KŌwhiringa / Discussion and Options

A representative from the Northland Transportation Alliance will attend the meeting to speak to the paper and address any questions.

Take Tūtohunga / Reason for the recommendation

To enable the Kerikeri Half Marathon to proceed. Without approval this event cannot take place.

3) PĀnga PŪtea me ngĀ wĀhanga tahua / Financial Implications and Budgetary Provision

There are no immediate budgetary issues.

Āpitihanga / Attachments

1.       NTA Agenda item Temporary Road Closure for Kerikeri Half Marathon - A3911991  


Hōtaka Take Ōkawa / Compliance Schedule:

Full consideration has been given to the provisions of the Local Government Act 2002 S77 in relation to decision making, in particular:

1.       A Local authority must, in the course of the decision-making process,

a)      Seek to identify all reasonably practicable options for the achievement of the objective of a decision; and

b)      Assess the options in terms of their advantages and disadvantages; and

c)      If any of the options identified under paragraph (a) involves a significant decision in relation to land or a body of water, take into account the relationship of Māori and their culture and traditions with their ancestral land, water sites, waahi tapu, valued flora and fauna and other taonga.

2.       This section is subject to Section 79 - Compliance with procedures in relation to decisions.


He Take Ōkawa / Compliance Requirement

Aromatawai Kaimahi / Staff Assessment

State the level of significance (high or low) of the issue or proposal as determined by the Council’s Significance and Engagement Policy

Low Significance

State the relevant Council policies (external or internal), legislation, and/or community outcomes (as stated in the LTP) that relate to this decision.


State whether this issue or proposal has a District wide relevance and, if not, the ways in which the appropriate Community Board’s views have been sought.


Local Relevance.

State the possible implications for Māori and how Māori have been provided with an opportunity to contribute to decision making if this decision is significant and relates to land and/or any body of water.

State the possible implications and how this report aligns with Te Tiriti o Waitangi / The Treaty of Waitangi.

No specific implications have been identified.

Identify persons likely to be affected by or have an interest in the matter, and how you have given consideration to their views or preferences (for example – youth, the aged and those with disabilities).


State the financial implications and where budgetary provisions have been made to support this decision.


Chief Financial Officer review.

Chief Financial Officer (Acting) has reviewed the report.



Extraordinary Council Meeting Agenda

3 October 2022


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Extraordinary Council Meeting Agenda

3 October 2022



6            Karakia Whakamutunga / Closing Prayer


7            Te Kapinga Hui / Meeting Close