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Supplementary Reports

Ordinary Council Meeting


Thursday, 8 April 2021


10.00 am


Council Chamber

Memorial Avenue





Mayor John Carter - Chairperson

Deputy Mayor Ann Court

Cr David Clendon

Cr Dave Collard

Cr Felicity Foy

Cr Mate Radich

Cr Rachel Smith

Cr Kelly Stratford

Cr Moko Tepania

Cr John Vujcich



Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda

8 April 2021


Te Paeroa Mahi / Order Of Business

7          Information Reports. 4

7.3            Informal Consultation Feedback on Māori Wards. 4



Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda

8 April 2021


7            Information Reports

7.3         Informal Consultation Feedback on Māori Wards

File Number:           A3127368

Author:                    Caroline Wilson, Manager - District Administration

Authoriser:             Jacine Warmington, General Manager - Corporate Services (Acting)


TE TAKE PŪRONGO / Purpose of the Report

To provide elected members with community feedback on Māori representation. 


Council resolved, at its meeting on 23 February 2021 “to discuss with the community via informal consultation, to gauge community feedback on Māori representation and report back to 8 April 2021 Council meeting”.

Staff undertook informal consultation on Representation Review and Māori wards during the month of March, as part of the LTP, Draft District Plan and FN2100 consultation activities.   Opportunities for providing feedback were in the form of the online survey, feedback form, oral or emailed submission (oral submissions were transcribed onto feedback forms or emailed to the submissions email address). 

Feedback was received by the consultation team early in the process that online survey forms do not work for a proportion of the community, which led to the more simplified feedback form being developed and implemented for each site.  This was achievable because we were asking two simple questions pertaining to Māori wards. 

The following information was received:

·    511 community members (over the age of 18) provided feedback in respect of Māori wards;

·    408 were in support of establishing Māori wards;

·    91 were not in support of establishing Māori wards;

·    12 were unclear as to their response / whether they were a Far North resident / responded twice and were therefore removed from the statistics;

·    Total of 499 responses received.


The wider Representation Review feedback will form part of future workshops with the elected members and is not part of this report.

 NGĀ TŪTOHUNGA / Recommendation

That the Council receive the report Informal Consultation Feedback on Māori Wards.



TE tĀHUHU KŌRERO / Background

Council resolved on 29 October 2020 to hold a binding poll with the 2022 elections activities on the subject of Māori wards.   Subsequent to this decision, the Local Electoral (Māori Wards and Māori Constituencies) Amendment Bill was passed into law, repealing the “Māori ward poll provisions” and providing a transition period ending on 21 May 2021 in which councils may consider, or reconsider, establishing Māori wards or constituencies for the 2022 local elections.

In light of this, it was agreed at the Council meeting on 23 February 2021 that staff would include informal feedback on Māori wards with the representation review consultation during March and report back on the findings at the 8 April 2021 Council meeting.  This feedback opportunity would be a form of a non-binding poll at no additional cost to the ratepayer.  

TE MATAPAKI ME NGĀ KŌWHIRINGA / Discussion and Next Steps

Feedback was received from 499 people from across the District.   Two questions were asked in relation to Māori wards:

1.   Do you support the establishment of Māori wards under the Local Electoral Act?  Yes / No

2.   Do you identify as Māori? Yes / No

The table below outlines the feedback that was received.  


In Support of Wards

Not in Support of Wards

Those who identify as Māori



Those who do not identify as Māori



Did Not Answer Identification Question



For the purposes of clarity, the following feedback responses related to Identification were combined:

·      “Ish”, Tangata Whenua, Y/N were considered Yes

·      NZER was considered No

·    N/A, Blanks and Did Not Answer are noted above as being Did Not Answer. 


Feedback was received via the following engagement channels:


In Support of Wards

Not in Support of Wards

Online Submission Form (Have Your Say)



Feedback Form at each roadshow event



Email / Website Portal



NGĀ PĀNGA PŪTEA ME NGĀ WĀHANGA TAHUA / Financial Implications and Budgetary Provision

There are no budgetary implications as a result of this report.

ngĀ Āpitihanga / Attachments

1.       Attachment 1  Māori Ward Submission Feedback 31-03-2021 - A3141380  


Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda

8 April 2021


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