Te Kaunihera o Tai Tokerau ki te Raki




Supplementary Reports

Ordinary Council Meeting


Thursday, 24 September 2020


10.00 am


Council Chamber

Memorial Avenue





Mayor John Carter - Chairperson

Deputy Mayor Ann Court

Cr David Clendon

Cr Dave Collard

Cr Felicity Foy

Cr Mate Radich

Cr Rachel Smith

Cr Kelly Stratford

Cr Moko Tepania

Cr John Vujcich



Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda

24 September 2020


Order Of Business

6          Notice of Motion. 4

6.14          Notice of Motion - Omapere-Opononi Wastewater Resource Consents. 4



Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda

24 September 2020


6            Notice of Motion

6.14       Notice of Motion - Omapere-Opononi Wastewater Resource Consents

File Number:           A2960823


I, Councillor Kelly Stratford, give notice that at the next Ordinary Council meeting, to be held on 24 September 2020, I intend to move the following motion:



That Council publicly notifies its renewal consent to discharge treated wastewater from the Omapere - Opononi Wastewater Treatment Plant into the Hokianga Harbour.



Choosing to publicly notify enables the public to have a say on the way that we manage the treatment and discharge of wastewater at this plant. It shows our commitment to our Te Tiriti partners and that we strive towards the community outcomes in our Long-Term Plan, including:

A wisely managed and treasured environment that recognises the special role of tangata whenua as kaitiaki:

·      our natural resources are valued and are thriving.

·      we are safeguarding them for the future and ensuring that they are being used sustainably.

·      we are actively seeking balance in the environment to maintain its life-sustaining properties for everybody to enjoy.

I commend this Notice of Motion to Council.


1.       Notice of Motion - Cr Stratford - A2960852  


Ordinary Council Meeting Agenda

24 September 2020


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