Extraordinary Te Hiku Community Board Meeting Minutes - Unconfirmed

20 February 2023


Extraordinary Te Hiku Community Board Meeting
Conference Room - Te Ahu, Cnr State Highway 1 and Mathews Avenue, Kaitaia
Monday, 20 February 2023 AT 10:00 am

PRESENT:              Chairperson Adele Gardner, Member Darren Axe, Member Sheryl Bainbridge, Deputy Chairperson John Stewart, Member William (Bill) Subritzky, Member Rachel Baucke, Member Felicity Foy


STAFF PRESENT: Kathryn Trewin (Funding Advisor), Marlema Baker (Democracy Advisor).


1            Karakia Timatanga / Opening Prayer

Chair Adele Gardner commenced the meeting and opened with a karakia.

2            NGā WHAKAPāHA ME NGā PāNGA MEMA / Apologies and conflicts of Interest

Deputy Chair John Stewart declared a conflict of interest regarding item 6.1 and abstained from voting.

3            Te wāhanga tūmatanui / Public Forum

No speakers in public forum.

4            Ngā Tono KŌrero / Deputations

No deputations confirmed for this meeting

5            ngā kaikōrero / Speakers

No speakers required for this meeting.

6            Reports

6.1         Funding Applications

Agenda item 6.1 document number A4090832, pages 8 - 10 refers

Resolution  2023/1

Moved:       Chairperson Adele Gardner

Seconded:  Member Darren Axe

That Te Hiku Community Board

a)      approves the sum of $2,750 (plus GST if applicable) to be paid from the Board’s Community Fund account to Kaitaia and Districts A&P Association for 2023 A&P Show, to support the following Community Outcomes:

i)       Proud, vibrant communities.

ii)      Communities that are healthy, safe, connected and sustainable.



8            tE kAPINGA hUI / Meeting Close

The meeting closed at 10:08 am.


The minutes of this meeting will be confirmed at the Extraordinary Te Hiku Community Board Meeting held on 14 March 2023.