Ordinary Council Meeting Attachments - Minutes

10 December 2020










Ordinary Council Meeting


 10 December 2020




Table of Contents


6.7       Adoption of the Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2020

Attachment 1    Tabled Document - Independent Auditors Report......................................... 3

6.9       Adoption of Community Board Working Party Terms of Reference

Attachment 1    Tabled Document - Community Board Working Party Terms of Reference. 8   

Ordinary Council Meeting Attachments - Minutes

10 December 2020


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Authorising Body



Working Party









Community Board Working Party

Approval Date

10 December 2020

Responsible Officer

GM Corporate Services

Working Party reports to

Combined Community Board


Problem Statement

Central government is moving towards greater centralisation of core council infrastructure with the three waters reform.  It has also re-introduced the expectation for Council to focus on community well-being.  Council itself is grappling with issues of better community representation and engagement; the implementation of community plans; sustainable procurement; equity; affordability and localism.  Communities themselves are desiring to see progress towards the realisation of their community plans and aspirations as well as wanting improvement in their community’s overall well-being. 


With all these changes, and often conflicting aspirations, the role of the community boards is becoming increasingly more important and difficult.  The advocacy role on behalf of their communities to Council and central government will be critical and it is expected they will increasingly become the face of local government to their communities.


Currently community boards feel they are not able to function as well as they should be, and give examples of failures between Council and themselves and the communities they represent.



To bridge the gap between Community Boards and Council creating an environment for continuous learning and improvement.  Examine and streamline expectations and aspirations and to help increase council/community board efficiency and effectiveness.


1.  Beginning with one issue; examine the failure, gain as much learning from the situation; recommend corrective actions; monitor and review outcomes.

2.  Encourage openness, enquiry and dialogue between all parties

3.  Identify barriers to Community Board enablement.

4.  Provide recommendations to staff to improve future community board induction process.

5.  Establish framework for continuous improvement and maximisation of value extraction from learnings.


The membership of the working party is:

1.   Councillor John Vujcich (Chair)

2.   Te Hiku Community Board Chairperson

3.   Bay of Islands-Whangaroa Community Board Chairperson

4.   Kaikohe-Hokianga Community Board Chairperson

5.   Mayor John Carter (Optional - dependant on availability)

6.   Councillor Rachel Smith

7.   Shaun Clark - CEO

8.   Will Taylor – GM Corporate Services

Staff will support the working party as appropriate.  For specific problem or issue being considered it is expected that additional staff and/or elected members may be co-opted as required.

Frequency of Meetings

Meetings will be held as required and therefore the frequency of meetings will vary depending on the workload of the Working Party.


Quorum will be three persons.

Management Support

Council management will provide support:

·    Access to appropriate technical expertise

·    Administration support


Media & Publicity

Discussions by this working party are internal and not expected to be discussed with the public. Community board chairs will be the conduit for communication to their members.

General Manager supporting the working party

General Manager Corporate Services


Notes of all meetings held will be taken and circulated to Working party members and support staff in attendance.

Expected term of the Working Party

Remainder of the triennium with review of the terms of reference March 2021