Infrastructure Committee Meeting Minutes

12 February 2020


   MINUTES OF Far North District Council
Infrastructure Committee Meeting
HELD AT THE Council Chamber, Memorial Avenue, Kaikohe
ON Wednesday, 12 February 2020 AT 9.32 am


PRESENT:                   Cr Felicity Foy, Cr Dave Collard, Cr Mate Radich, Cr Kelly Stratford, Cr John Vujcich

1            Opening

Chairperson Foy opened the meeting by reading the purpose of the Local Government Act 2002.


2            Apologies and Declarations of Interest

Committee Resolution  2020/1

Moved:       Cr Kelly Stratford

Seconded:  Cr Dave Collard

That the apologies from His Worship the Mayor who was not able to attend the meeting and Councillor Ann Court who is attending the Regional Land Transport Committee meeting on behalf of Council, be received and accepted.



3            Deputation

Ken McLeay representing Riverview School spoke regarding Item 4.1 Riverview School – Parking and Access Options Update.

Calvin Thomas - Northland Transport Alliance Manager, provided an introduction and update to members.

David Webb - Business Manager Water Northland Broadspectrum, provided an introduction and update to the members on Far North Waters.


Attachments tabled at meeting

1     Northland Transport Alliance Presentation

2     Far North Waters Presentation


At 10:15 am, Cr Kelly Stratford left the meeting. At 10:16 am, Cr Kelly Stratford returned to the meeting.

At 10:27 am, Cr Dave Collard left the meeting. At 10:29 am, Cr Dave Collard returned to the meeting.

4            Reports

4.1         Riverview School - Parking and Access Options Update

Agenda item 3.1 document number A2823938, pages 10 - 33 refers

Sandi Morris – Road Safety and Traffic Planning Engineer spoke to this report.

Committee Resolution  2020/2

Moved:       Cr Felicity Foy

Seconded:  Cr John Vujcich

That the Infrastructure Committee:

a)      revokes the following resolution of the Infrastructure Network Committee – 18 July 2019, 7.2 Riverview School Road – Parking and Access Options

“That the Infrastructure Network Committee approves a central raised median align the centreline of the road near the drop off bay of Riverview School”.

b)      approves Riverview School and Northland Transport Alliance discussions to amend operational management requirements at the school gate with minor changes to signs and markings within existing budgets.

c)      note that Riverview School are undertaking responsible operating practise with managing children’s behaviour at the school gate and will remind parents of the schools’ obligations under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015.



5            Meeting Close

The meeting closed at 11.04 am.


The minutes of this meeting will be confirmed at the Infrastructure Committee meeting to be held on 25 March 2020.