Extraordinary Council Meeting Minutes

4 July 2019


   MINUTES OF Far North District Council
Extraordinary Council Meeting
Council Chamber, Memorial Avenue, Kaikohe
Thursday, 4 July 2019 AT 12.08 pm

PRESENT:                   Mayor John Carter (HWTM), Cr Tania McInnes (Deputy Mayor), Cr Ann Court, Cr Felicity Foy (via video-conference), Cr Colin (Toss) Kitchen, Cr Sally Macauley, Cr Mate Radich, Cr John Vujcich, Cr Kelly Stratford

IN ATTENDANCE:               Mike Edmonds - Kaikohe-Hokianga Community Board Chairperson, Adele Gardner - Te Hiku Community Board Chairperson

STAFF PRESENT:               Shaun Clarke - Chief Executive Officer, Andy Finch - General Manager- Infrastructure and Asset Management, Dean Myburgh - General Manager - District Services, William J Taylor MBE - General Manager – Corporate Services, Sheryl Gavin - General Manager – Strategic Planning and Policy – Acting, Janice Smith - Chief Financial Officer, Richard Edmondson - Manager - Communications, Jill Coyle - Manager – People and Capability, Glenn Rainham - Manager – Infrastructure Operations, Roger Ackers - Manager – Strategy Development, Aisha Huriwai - Team Leader – Governance Support, Kim Hammond - Meetings Administrator

1            Prayer

His Worship the Mayor commenced the meeting with a prayer.

2            Apologies and Declarations of Interest


Resolution  2019/34

Moved:       Mayor John Carter

Seconded:  Cr Tania McInnes

That the apology received from Cr Hookway be accepted and leave of absence granted.


3            Deputation


4            Strategic Planning and Policy Group

4.1         Correction to the draft Earthworks bylaw

Agenda item 5.1 document number A2546599, pages 12 - 22 refers

Resolution  2019/35

Moved:       Mayor John Carter

Seconded:  Cr Tania McInnes

That Council:

·    Adopt the corrected Statement of Proposal for the draft Control of Earthworks Bylaw 2019.


At 12:30 pm, Cr Ann Court left the meeting due to her concern on the legality of Council being asked to reconsider the Remits for Consideration at the 2019 Local Government New Zealand Annual General Meeting.

4            Corporate Services Group

6.1         Remits for Consideration at 2019 LGNZ AGM

Agenda item 6.1 document number A2547704, pages 23 - 33 refers

Resolution  2019/36

Moved:       Cr Kelly Stratford

Seconded:  Cr Sally Macauley

That Council:

revokes its decision of 27 June 2019 That Council representatives abstain from   voting on the remits at the 2019 Local Government New Zealand Annual General Meeting.

That Council:

a)      endorses remits

-       Climate Change – local government representation

-       Traffic Offences – red light running

-       Prohibit parking on grass berms

-       Short-term guest accommodation

-       Nitrate in drinking water

-       Local Government Official Information and Meeting Act (1987)

-       Weed control

-       Building defects claim

-       Social housing

-       Procurement

-       Single-use polystyrene

-       Local Government Act 2002

-       Campground regulations

-       Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act

-       Climate Change – funding policy framework

-       Road safety

-       Mobility scooter safety

-       Museums and galleries

-       Resource Management Act

-       Beauty industry


b)     does not endorse remits

-       Ban on sale of fireworks to the general public

-       Mayor decision to appoint Deputy Mayor


c)      abstain from voting on

-       Living Wage

-       Greenhouse gases



At 12:42 pm, Cr Ann Court returned to the meeting.

At 12:53 pm, Cr Tania McInnes left the meeting.

At 12:57 pm, Cr Colin (Toss) Kitchen left the meeting.


Thanked Cr Ann Court for representing Far North District Council on the Cobham Road Bus Stop and responding to social media comments.

The Mayor met with Kerikeri Squash Club in regards to the Kerikeri Pavilion.

6            Meeting Close

The meeting closed at 12.58 pm.


The minutes of this meeting will be confirmed at the Ordinary Council meeting to be held on 29 August 2019.