Extraordinary Council Meeting Minutes

11 December 2018


   MINUTES OF Far North District Council
Extraordinary Council Meeting
Banqueet Room, Te Ahu, Kaitaia
Tuesday, 11 December 2018 AT 2.31 pm


PRESENT:                   Mayor John Carter (HWTM), Cr Ann Court, Cr Felicity Foy, Cr Dave Hookway, Cr Colin (Toss) Kitchen, Cr Mate Radich, Cr John Vujcich, Cr Kelly Stratford

IN ATTENDANCE:               Adele Gardner (Te Hiku Community Board Chairperson), Mike Edmonds (Kaikohe-Hokianga Community Board)

STAFF PRESENT:     Shaun Clarke (Chief Executive Officer), Paul Carr (Manager - Infrastructure Project Delivery), Wil Pille (Manager – Transport Operations), Franz Wagner (Project Manager - Transport and Roading), Garreth Oien (Roading Engineer), Maryn Ashby (Meetings Administrator), Kim Hammond (Meetings Administrator)


1            Prayer


2            Apologies and Declarations of Interest

Resolution  2018/49

Moved:       Mayor John Carter

Seconded:  Cr Kelly Stratford

That apologies from Councillor McInnes, Councillor Macauley  and Terry Greening be received and accepted.



3            Deputation


4            Infrastructure and Asset Management Group

4.1         Options Report for Unsubsidised Seal Extensions 2018-2019

Resolution  2018/50

Moved:       Mayor John Carter

Seconded:  Cr John Vujcich

That Council:

a)         Agrees to undertake seal extensions on the following roads:

                    i.    Okahu Road, RP 2603 to 3542 being an infill between existing sealed sections,


                  ii.    Otangaroa Road, RP0.00 to RP 608 ($180,000)

                 iii.    Punakitere Loop Road, RP 3149 to RP 3602 ($140,000)

                 iv.    Fairburn Road, RP 9028 to 10327 ($390,000)Fairburn Road, RP 9028 to 10327 ($390,000)

                  v.    Pawarenga Road, 200 m @ 1207 Pawarenga Road Health Clinic. ($ 80,000)

b)        Agrees that NTA is to fully develop a prioritisation matrix for the whole of the district by 30th June to enable forward work programme for 2019-2020 financial year.


Moved:       Mayor John Carter

Seconded:  Cr Colin (Toss) Kitchen

c)         Approves direct award



Note: Josh Popata spoke regarding dust sealing at 341 Oturu Road, Kaitaia


5            Meeting Close

The meeting closed at 3.15 pm.


The minutes of this meeting were confirmed at the Council meeting held on 28 February  2019.