Ordinary Council Meeting Minutes

15 November 2018


   MINUTES OF Far North District Council
Ordinary Council Meeting
Council Chamber, Memorial Avenue, Kaikohe
Thursday, 15 November 2018 AT 9.32am


PRESENT:              Mayor John Carter (HWTM), Cr Ann Court, Cr Felicity Foy, Cr Dave Hookway, Cr Sally Macauley, Cr Mate Radich, Cr John Vujcich, Cr Kelly Stratford, Member Terry Greening, Member Mike Edmonds, Member Adele Gardner

IN ATTENDANCE:      Shaun Clarke (Chief Executive Officer), Dr Dean Myburgh (General Manager - District Services), Darrell Sargent (General Manager - Strategic Planning & Policy)

STAFF PRESENT: Roger Ackers, Manager - Strategy Development, Jaime Dyhrberg, Executive Officer, Sheryl Gavin, Manager - Corporate Planning & Engagement, Darren Edwards, Manager - Compliance and Resource Consents, Richard Edmondson, Manager - Communications, Kate Barnes, Team Leader Governance Support, Emma Pilkington, Senior Policy Advisor, Laura Atiga-Denham, Research Analyst.


1            Apologies and Declarations of Interest


Resolution  2018/41

Moved:       Mayor John Carter

Seconded:  Cr Sally Macauley

That the apologies received from Deputy Mayor McInnes and Councillor Kitchen be accepted and leave of absence granted.


2            Deputation


3            Strategic Planning and Policy Group

4.1         Dog Management Policy and Bylaw 2018 Deliberations

Resolution  2018/42

Moved:       Mayor John Carter

Seconded:  Cr Kelly Stratford

That the Council amend the proposed Dog Management Policy and Bylaw as follows:

Deliberation Topic 1: Off-leash and Exercise Areas

1a) Make the following areas subject to district wide access rules:

       Kaikohe – Next to Kaikohe Cemetery (eastern side), 5414 State Highway 12

       Kaitaia – 38 Empire Street, (at the end of Empire Street next to Awanui River)

       Kerikeri – 391 Wiroa Road (behind crematorium)

1b) Add the following locations as permitted off-leash areas:

       Waitotara Reserve, Kerikeri

       Sammaree Place, Kerikeri

1c) Investigate the following areas as potential off-leash or designated dog exercise areas: 

       Section of playground off Matthews Ave, Kaitaia

       Undeveloped land behind netball courts, Kerikeri

       Fenced area on Council land near sportsgrounds, Russell

       Taupo Bay – reserve area near the cul-de-sac at the end of Marlin Drive

       Land near Opononi Refuse Centre / Opononi Bowling Club

       Reserves at Watea in Haruru Falls

Deliberation Topic 2: District-wide access to public places (excludes  beaches)

2c) Add a new   district-wide access rule that requires Council to consider off-leash and/or dog exercise provisions when developing reserve management plans.

Deliberation Topic 3: Dog access on Beaches

3a) Change the default district-wide access rule for beaches from the proposed on-leash from 1 December to 31 March from 9am to 6pm to off-leash all year unless otherwise specified in the policy. 

3b) Principle agreement that dogs be prohibited all year from beaches identified as Special Character because of their cultural value.

3c) Principle agreement that dogs be prohibited all year from beaches identified as Special Character because of their high conservation value.

3d) Principle agreement that beaches identified as a shorebird nesting sites be designated on-leash between 1 October and 31 March. 

3e) Principle agreement that beaches identified as popular destinations be designated as prohibited for a time range on each day during a summer date range and including all public holidays. Deliberations on the specific date and time ranges are the subject of Deliberation Topic 4

Deliberation Topic 4: Summer Date and Time Rule for Dog Access on Beaches

4a) The summer date and time range be specified as 15 December to 28 February (including public holidays), 10am to 5pm.

Deliberation Topic 5: Limitations on Number of Dogs

5a) The limitation on the number of dogs per premise be removed, and the Dog Control Act and other Bylaw provisions used to achieve the objectives of the Dog Management Policy as outlined.

Deliberation Topic 6: Responsible Dog Ownership

6a) Include a policy statement that Council will promote responsible dog ownership as part of the implementation of the Dog Management Policy and Bylaw.

Deliberation Topic 7: Resourcing Implementation

7a) That Council consider the allocation of budget and the setting of fees to support the implementation of the Policy and Bylaw as part of the annual planning process for 2019/20 and following years.

Cr Radich joined the meeting via video-conference at 10.05 am.

Cr Foy and Chair Gardner joined the meeting at 10.12 am.


Moved:       Cr Kelly Stratford

Seconded:  Mayor John Carter

That Council designates as off-leash areas the sites in Table 1.1: Proposed Off-Leash Areas in Attachment 2 “Topics, Options and Recommendations – Dog Management Policy and Bylaw Deliberations”.

Cr Macauley left the meeting at 11.01 am.


Moved:       Mayor John Carter

Seconded:  Cr Kelly Stratford

That the report lie on the table until the meeting of 27 November 2018.


4            Meeting Close

The meeting closed at 11.50am.


The minutes of this meeting will be confirmed at the Ordinary Council Meeting to be held on 27 November 2018.